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Can you feel the icy wind coming from the sea? Do you feel the cold spreading across the land?
These sudden changes in weather are harbingers of the roosting queen's awakening! Your frozen kingdom is an endless winter fortress! Protected by perchts and schiachs, she dominates the snow-covered island with an iron fist.
It is said that no equipment or fabric can withstand the freezing cold that comes from its hallways. Even the most daring warriors who tried to breach his throne room froze in their path and were shattered into a thousand pieces by his ruthless slaves.
From the server save on Tuesday, a boat, which goes to the frozen realm, will be docked near the port of Svargrond. Once you set foot on the island, you must speak with Frosty. The friendly snowman will tell you more about the icy place and its furry inhabitants.


The event is automatic and takes place every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the entrance is at anchor near the port of Svargrond.

For the duration of the event, you will be able to do this Quest once every 20 hours.
Go to Svargrond and use the small sailing boat to access The Percht Queen's Island. Once there, you can find numerous Perchts and Schiachs, plus some Baleful Bunnys and Bonny Bunnys.
Your objective is to collect items and disguise yourself as Percht to invade queen and challenge her.

Collecting the Items

As stated before, the island is full of Perchts and Schiachs, a level 50+ player will have no problem if he doesn't face many creatures of just one time. Kill them until you get a Percht Horns and a Broken Bell, save them for now.

On the island you will find some barrels full of hammers, click on one to get a Soft Hammer. With your Soft Hammer in hand, search the surface of the island for the Bonny Bunnys, you must use your soft hammer on them, making them pass out.
Click on Bonny Bunny and he will be able to drop a Frozen Carrot on the floor.

  • You may need more than one Frozen Carrot
  • Rabbits spawn every 10 minutes and remain on the island for the same amount of time.

Now you need to make a Large Snowball, just play one Snowball on the ground and use another one on it. If you don't have Snowballs, you can look for Snow Heaps on the island, and use them to make new snowballs.
Use the Frozen Carrot on the Large Snowball to create an Animated Snowman, he is not very strong and you will need to defeat him to collect a Twig Arms .

Note: You will be able to make another Animated Snowman after approximately 5 minutes
  • Snow Heap

  • Large Snowball

  • Snowman

Preparing for Battle

With the 3 items in hand (1 Twig Arms, 1 < a href="https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Percht_Horns" target="_blank" title="Percht Horns">Percht Horns and 1 Broken Bell), you must go to the basement of the island, go down the stairs . You will face even more Perchts and Schiachs. Go northeast until you find another ladder arriving at a location with narrower corridors. Head southwest until you reach a room with several frozen chests and a portal.

  • Portal Room

Percht Disguise.gif To cross the portal, you must be disguised as Percht. Use a Twig Arms in an Broken Bell or in a Percht Horns.

Note: The item used doesn't matter, as long as you have all three in your backpack.

When passing through the portal, you will be in a room with a switch and five spaces. Players must line up in the spaces and pull the lever. You will be teleported to Queen Percht's room in a safe place.

The Fight Against Queen Percht

Your objective here is to destroy Queen Percht, but for that it is necessary to weaken her ice armor, otherwise she will not suffer any kind of damage. For this, you will need to take Warm Fires that appear in the fire located south to the queen. They will gradually destroy your armor.

The fight consists of:

  • Feed the bonfire to the south, so that the Warm Fires spawn;
  • Keep the Percht Minions away from the Warm Fires;
  • Bring Warm Fires to the Queen;
  • Don't get frozen in the process.

With a team of 5 players, the ideal is to divide the work. Two of the players are responsible for fueling the southern bonfire with wood and two others must fend off the Percht Minions with torches. The fifth player must take the Warm Fires to the Queen.

heating the room

Your team will find themselves on a platform west of the main room. Here you will see a Warm Bonfire and a Nature Vortex. Going down the stairs, you reach the main room. BEWARE, YOU CAN'T GO NORTH YET.

To weaken Queen Percht, you must spawn Warm Fires at the southern bonfire.

Players responsible for fueling the southern bonfire must first use the Warm Bonfire west of the room (up the stairs) to get a Percht-Warding Torch. Then they must go through the Green Vortex, to transform into a spirit of nature, go down the stairs and go to the east end from the main room. When stepping on grass, the player will be pushed and a Rush Wood will appear. Use it so that the wood sticks fall to the ground. Five can be obtained at a time. Grab the sticks from your backpacks and head south of the room. Use the kindling on the fire. Repeat this action until 20 sticks are used.

Fending off the Percht Minions

The Percht Minions will try to kill the Warm Fire. To prevent this from happening, players must push them away. They are immune to any damage. The only way to ward them off is to use the torch on them, which can be obtained by using the Warm Bonfire west. They cannot be killed, but run when their health is close to half.

Bringing Warm Fire to the Queen

Once the Warm Fire appears, a player must take it lo to Queen, but at risk of being frozen for her. To prevent this from happening, use the Smoldering Bonfire to the south that should be lit. The player will be on fire being able to take the Warm Fire to the Queen.

  • If the Burnt Out Bonfire is off, use a torch to light it or have someone else do it.
  • If the player is frozen, the messages FREEZE and You are Cold will appear. If this happens, the player must run to the western bonfire to warm up and avoid being kicked out of the room.
Killing the Queen

As soon as you manage to get 3 Warm Fires to the Queen, she will become vulnerable. You will now need to take the 4th Warm Fire to destroy it complete. To kill her you need elemental damage, preferably from fire. Knights must use elemental or imbued weapons or damage runes elemental. Paladins can use Fire arrows in conjunction with damage runes. The Druids and the Sorcerers must use elemental damage, except ice damage. Once the fourth Warm Fire is in the north of the room, all players must attack the Queen, not forgetting that they must be on fire so they won't be frozen.

  • When going north, don't forget that you can be frozen and kicked out of the room, face it always on fire .
Additional Strategies

Another strategy for smaller teams is a Sorcerer or Druid player Summon two monsters (except Fire Elementals) and attract the attention of the Percht Minions for them. Using this strategy, it is also important to use Fire Bombs so that the summoned monster stays still in the room. If the Warm Fire turns into some Percht Minion, just one knight use magic exeta res no Warm Fire and take it to Queen.

Getting your Rewards
  • To earn the right to use the Outfit you must pass through the portal after the queen is killed. It is not necessary to deal damage to her, but you must remain in the room until she is dead. Thus, you will receive your Percht Raider Outfits, which will be automatically added to your character, not being necessary to talk to any NPC.
  • At the end of the event (Server Save on January 10th) all worlds will win a week with a fee of respawn accelerated and while health and mana will regenerate twice as fast.

By killing the Queen you can eventually get a Percht Skull. With the item in your inventory, go to the NPC Frosty, , and say "Skull". He will offer you some answer options and, among them, you will have to choose the one that corresponds to the mount you want.

Bright Percht Sleigh.gif
Bright Percht Sleigh
Bright Percht Sleigh.gif
Cold Percht Sleigh
Bright Percht Sleigh.gif
Dark Percht Sleigh
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