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War Anti-Entrosa

The Anti-Entrosa War System was developed by our team for guilds to carry out their battles without the interference of other players, the system allows 2 guilds to access the chosen map during a period of time chosen by the leader.
To facilitate the blessings and supplies, we have the npc Warrior Gun, he can be found in all cities in the system.
It is forbidden to use the war system only with the intention of placing blessings more easily (without fighting).

In addition, leaders can customize several options, such as:

  • Blocking spells/runes/ammo/crit/leechs
  • The maximum level allowed to participate
  • The maximum number of players
  • The fictitious level (when entering the player has the fictitious level chosen and when leaving the level returns to normal)
  • Betting gold coins
  • Choose delay to pull rings/amulets and more!

    To use the system it is necessary that both guilds are in War.

  • Available Cities

    Darashia, Edron, Liberty Bay City, Liberty Bay Boats, Rookgaard, Carlin, Carlin VS Ab, Thais, Jakundaf Desert, Yalahar, Nostalgia Island, Svargrond, Venore VS Kazz, Venore Swamp South and Edron VS Cormaya


  • !citywar invite, GuildName Used to invite a guild to Anti-Entrosa
  • !citywar enter Used to enter private cities
  • !citywar accept Used to accept an invitation to Anti-Entrosa
  • !citywar cancel Used to cancel an invitation to Anti-Entrosa
  • !citywar end Used to end Anti-Entries
  • Castle War
    Current Castle Owners


    Did More Exp Today
    1. Doni Fvckin~ +7546735~ Lvl. 401
    2. Buy War +7427124~ Lvl. 399
    3. Jotta Ka +5176931~ Lvl. 541
    4. Siozao +4915478~ Lvl. 485