Boosted Creature Boosted Boss Boss Pedestal
TOP Exp (Today)
1- Pots
1 1409, Master Sorcerer
2- Tupi
1442, Elder Druid
3- Danonis
1529, Elder Druid
4- Special Keyy
1352, Elder Druid
Castle War
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Why purchase VIP?

In addition to helping promote the server, as a VIP player you can take your gaming experience to the next level! You will unlock exclusive benefits that will transform your gameplay. Fortera Osiris reserves the right to change, remove or implement any VIP features at any time without notice.

Check out all the VIP features below.

How to acquire VIP?

  • To purchase VIP, open the Store within the game and navigate to the "VIP Packages" tab.
  • Command to check remaining time !vip

  • VIP Features
    +10% EXP Bonus
    Access to Farm City
    The player can use the High-Powered imbuement (above powerful)
    All characters on the account have automatic looting enabled
    All characters on the account become VIPs
    The player can use the containers to remove the pedestal
    You can log in more than one character per account (if the characters are from different worlds).
    The player can repeat Special Tasks as many times as you like.
    The player can activate up to 10 Special Tasks at the same time (not vips only 5).
    Cooldown reduced by half for Familiar spells.
    Cooldown reduced by half for the Avatars spells from the update 13.10.12852.
    Access to the website market (items)
    You will be able to create up to 15 offers in the Item Bazaar
    Access to market (mounts/outfits) from the website
    VIP players are entitled to 2 free blessings at the Blessing Statue located on Event Island
    The player can purchase the 7 Blessings (Blood of the Mountain and Heart of the Mountain) on NPC Henricus (instead of just 5 Blessings)
    100 mana points per second. VIPs regenerate even if they are inside protected zones.
    50 hit points per second (vs 5 hit points per second for non-VIPs)
    Your character doesnt get kicked after 15 minutes afk or x-logged in trainers (he can start training with training weapons and give exit that will continue training)
    When you run out of an exercise weapon, the system will automatically use the next one (if there is one).
    Your account receives 10x Fortera Osiris tokens while in the game.
    Your character will be able to use a Premium Dummy even if someone else is already using it.
    In addition to training 2x faster, you can train at Ferumbras Exercise Dummy which is located next to npc Elane in Thais. The ferumbras exercise dummy has a 10% higher efficiency bonus in training skills compared to a free Exercise Dummy.
    You can buy exclusive products in the "Vip Shop" tab of the Store.
    Access to the Lucky Dragon event.
    You get 4 bestiary points when you defeat a monster (without vip the player would receive 2 points).
    You receive double the points of bosstiary when defeating a Boss.
    You regenerate stamina faster. Green stamina: regenerates +1 stamina every 3 minutes instead of 5. Orange/Red Stamina: regenerates +1 stamina every 1 minute instead of 2.
    Increased chance of creation (70% 80%), improvement (55% 65%) and transformations (45% 55%) from Umbral Items on npc Eruaran.

    Exclusive Mounts in the Store

    Exclusive Outfits in the Store