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All players must abide by the following code of conduct, the so-called "Server Rules".
As with everything, common sense is necessary. Please note that these rules may change at any time.

Regras do KroveraOT Server
 Category Rule
    1. Public Chats
  • a) Spamming: "Excessive repetition of identical or similar statements or use of poorly formatted or meaningless text."
  • b) Help chat is restricted to answering questions. It should be used for any questions regarding game mechanics, quests, items, add-ons, mounts, account issues, updates and so on. Of course, chat should be used for questions. Any player who uses the help for other purposes such as complaining, discussing, joking, spamming, selling, advertising, etc., and is seen by a tutor or employee, in addition to being muted, will be banned from the account used.
  • c) Mention of the names of other servers is prohibited, it will be considered disclosure.
  • d) It is forbidden to use Guild Leaders chat for trading.
  • d) It is forbidden to promote channels (twitch, booyah, etc) if it does not contain our link to the website in the title or if it is not broadcasting our game.
    2. Blocking Areas
  • It is prohibited to block areas where it is explicitly impossible for a player to overtake.
    For example:

  • a) Place where there are numerous players of "Team A" and only 1 sqm free for "Team B" (or neutral).
  • b) Place where it borders a protection zone and the player cannot be moved into the zone because it has Pz locked.
  • c) Place where NPC's are used to block passages.

    Proving the explicitness of the impossibility of crossing the passage, the players involved in the trap will be punished.
    The above rules do not apply if there is PvP between those involved.

    3. Gamemasters
  • a) Threatening a gamemaster because of his actions or position as a gamemaster.
  • b) Pretending to be a gamemaster or to influence the decisions of a gamemaster.
  • c) Intentionally providing wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster concerning their inquiries or making false reports about rule violations.

    5. Names
  • a) Names referring to the staff: Names containing words referring to administration (ex. "ADM", "GOD", "CM", "GM", "TUTOR", "SUPPORT", "STAFF").
  • b) Names that express religious or political views: Names that express religious or political views: KroveraOT Server is a game in which religious or political views should be of no importance. For this reason names are illegal that refer to a special religion "Hindu master", "Muslim the paladin", to a person that is connected to a certain religion "Jesus Christ Sorcerer", "John the Buddha" or to a position which only exists in one religion "Pope Frank", "Rabbi Druid". Furthermore, names that express political views "Democrat", "Peter the Anarchist" or refer to internationally known politicians "Master George Bush", "Bolsonaro" are not allowed.
  • c) Generally objectionable names: There are many more names that people may find offensive for a variety of reasons. For instance, the names of many body fluids and excrements are offensive "Snot", "Lord Feces", as are the names of diseases or handicaps "Asthma", "Moe the Mongolist" or references to organised crime "Mafia Hitman", "Narcotrafico", "Pcc Boss". Also, celebrities who are infamous for committing a serious crime or their inhuman actions are prohibited by this rule, e.g. serial killers "Charles Manson", "Ted Bundy" or dictators "Hitler", "Benito Mussolini".
  • d) Sexually related names: KroveraOT Server is a game that is largely enjoyed by minors. As a result, we aim to keep any names referring to sex or sexual orientation ("Hetero Guy", "Porn star") out of the game. Also names that include sexually related body parts ("Nipple", "Breastfeeder") will be locked. Similarly, names of celebrities who are connected to sex in some way are not desirable. This includes, for example, the names of porn stars, pimps or prostitutes.

    6. Offensive Statement
    KroveraOT Server is an international game where people from all over the world meet and communicate. Naturally, statements made to insult or mock a certain country or its inhabitants are not tolerated in KroveraOT Server. The same goes of course for a certain nation or ethnic group.
  • a) Discrimination: Practicing, inducing or inciting discrimination against a player due to his or her deficiency.
  • b) Sexually Related Statements: Please remember that many children play this game and that certain topics are not suited for their ears and eyes. For this reason all references to sex, sexual related body parts or a sexual orientation have no place in the game or on the KroveraOT Server website. Note that this rule is not intended to be discriminatory in any way. Rather, it aims to preserve the respect amongst players.
  • c) Racial Slur: Offending someone based on their race, color, ethnicity, religion, age or disability, such as: Fatphobia.
  • d) Injúria Homofóbica: Offending someone based on their sexual orientation, such as: Homofobia.

    7. Forbidden Advertising or Trading
  • a) Advertising of third-party brands, products or services: KroveraOT Server it is not the place to advertise third-party brands, products or services. This includes, for example, posting other games, negotiations between KroveraOT Server and other games or negotiations between Tibia global and KroveraOT Server. It is also illegal to advertise other companies or their products and services.
  • b) Advertising content which is not related to the game: Trades or offers which are not related to KroveraOT Server are out of place in the game or on the KroveraOT Server website. We do not want anyone using the channels or the website of KroveraOT Server to sell items such as a mobile phone or a computer.

    9. Personal Data
  • a) Everyone has the right to privacy. For this reason, the only person who can share data about himself is the person himself. This means that no server player can disclose data such as real name, address, phone number, credit card number, email address etc. This also includes a ban on sharing data from your brother or a close friend.

    10. False Report/Information
  • a) You are most welcome to use our reporting channels and our automatic ctrl+z system, but you cannot abuse them to distribute clearly wrong information. In no way may you give wrong information with the intention of harming other players or escaping justified punishment. Keep in mind that if a statement is reported, not only this statement, but also several statements before and after are transmitted to us.
  • b) Giving false informations or unofficial information to gamemasters or players in order to harm the server, is prohibited (a gm will verify the information and apply the punishment if necessary).

    11. Free Items
  • a) It is forbidden to throw large amounts of money or items for free on the floor (as punishment, the player can have the balance cleaned or account banned).

    12. Attack DDoS
  • a) It is totally forbidden (and boring) to attack players on the server, if there is enough evidence the attacker will have his account banned.

    13. Games Disclosure
  • a) It is forbidden to mention the name of other servers in public, private or cast chats. It will be considered disclosure!

  • The rule does not apply to the global, the player can mention the global name without problems.

    14. War System Abuse
  • a) It is strictly forbidden to abuse the system to achieve victories without a fight.
  • a) It is forbidden to use the anti-entrosa system just with the intention of placing blessings more easily (without fighting).

    15. CaveBOT
  • a) It is prohibited the use of cavebot 100% afk.
  • Its considered 100% Afk if the player fails to respond to a Gamemaster for more than 3 minutes.
    Answers like "ADM I went to the bathroom and when I came back I was trapped" will not be considered.

    16. Thefts
  • a) It is prohibited to perform thefts on the server when dealing with negotiations between our server and Tibia global.

    17. Navigation
  • a) It is prohibited to use the "navigation" function of BOTs while using multi-client (MC) on the same screen. If the act is proven, all those involved will be punished.
 Bug Abuse
    1. Bug Abuse
  • a) Exploiting obvious errors of the game: A bug is an obvious error of our server, which is surely not intended to be that way - for example if the fire wave of dragons would suddenly heal you instead of damaging you, or if an NPC sells a certain rune for a much lower price than all other NPCs. If you abuse any obvious game error, e.g. by buying hundreds of backpacks of these cheap runes, your account will be most likely punished for it. Note that already a statement in which you admit that you have abused an obvious error may lead to a punishment.

For violating any rule defined here, the player will be punished in the following ways:
The first time the character is punished, he will be imprisoned for 30 days, the second time he will be imprisoned for 60 days and if it is arrested for the third time, it will be deleted.

The character is entitled to pay bail through the store (Pay Bail) to get out of prison instantly, but the "warnings" will remain.
The character also has the right to remove the "warnings" for 2kkk through the command !removewarning

In some serious cases, the character may be deleted or auctioned.

And in some cases, the character can also be deleted immediately.

If your account or one of your characters has been punished, you will find an entry in your criminal record when you try to enter the game. There you can read the reason and the duration of the punishment.

We are not responsible for hacked accounts, account security is the sole responsibility of the user. Our system provides security means to strengthen the security of user accounts, such as the authentication token (2FA) available in the account panel, always use difficult passwords, combining symbols, numbers and letters.

Have fun in KroveraOT Server!

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