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The "games" the brutish Orgers partake in serve as thinly veiled excuses to stuff their maws and fill their bellies, while simultaneously harassing the subservient Orcs.
The event is automatic and occurs in the months: February, April, June, August and October. It will start every day 01 of each month quoted, duration up to 3 days to be completed. The entrance is in the south of Thais, in a hut.
When you log in, a message will appear on the server log saying the event is active.
There will be invasion of The Great Schnitzel every 02h.
Complete information on tibiawiki: Orcsoberfest Event.
All players must participate to try to win the event.
REWARD: Some Achievements, Outfits, Mounts, Items and etc. The entire server will be able to use party shared up to 10 members earning 200% of the exp after the event ends (4th and 5th of those months above) and XP will not decrease from 4 to 10 members.
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