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NFT (Non-fungible Token)
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Understanding Mechanics


Every day after the server starts, the NFT Rocks will appear in the specific locations marked on the map. When using a Luminescent Crystal Pickaxe (the pickaxe does not drop from Thaian) in NFT Rocks, the player will have the possibility to mine NFT Tokens, each hit on the rock will consume 1 minute of the player's total stamina.

It is only possible to mine 01 player at a time in each NFT Rock (to be able to mine on the same rock, the player will have to be killed or give up).

Rocks have charges limited to 100, meaning they will disappear after 100 hits with the pickaxe (you can look at the rock to see how many charges are left).

When gone, the rocks spawn again in the same places of origin after 01 hour.

How to get to Farm City?

To access the farm city, the player must purchase access through the NFT Shop (which is in the game store).
After gaining access, just walk to the npc Traveler Buttler which is located on Thais' boat and ask to go sailing "sail".

Hunt on the Map

There are several monsters scattered all over the Farm City where players will have the possibility to drop the NFT Tokens. On the map there are also monsters that do not drop, which are: Rabbits, Dogs, Butterflies, Bears and Seagulls.

In Farm City there is a boss called Eze Nke Nft, where the player can face him individually every 20hours. In this boss the player will have the possibility to drop up to 5 NFT Tokens when defeating him (apart from other items like loot). The recommended level is 700+.

Value of Each NFT Token

Each NFT Token is equivalent to R$1.00 (BRL) or 10 coins.
By clicking on the NFT Token, the player can choose if he wants to convert the NFT Tokens into NFT Points (the player can see how many NFT Points he has in the account management) or to Tibia coins (transferable).
Once the token is converted, it is not possible to reverse the conversion, so think carefully before converting your tokens.

How to receive?

On the account management there is a field called Wallet Id, there you register your Wallet Id to receive the cryptocurrencies.
Currently there are several websites where you can register your wallet id, we recommend Binance, but it depends on the choice of each one.

The player will need to have a minimum amount of R$100.00 to request a withdrawal, which in this case is 100 NFT Points.
At the moment we are going to transfer the cryptocurrencies manually, so the player will need to request the transfer through our Discord.

It is very important that the player register correctly their Wallet Id in the account management, otherwise the cryptocurrencies will be lost upon shipment.

Which Cryptomeda Will I Receive?

We will use the BUSD cryptocurrency as a transfer.


The system is in the process of adapting and balancing, therefore, changes can occur at any time without prior notice.

Have fun!

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