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Common wisdom has it that one's home is one's castle. If this is true in the real world, how much truer is it in the rough world of Tibia! After all, adventuring is a tiresome trade, so characters that are lucky enough to possess a home of their own soon come to appreciate the cosiness of a bed. What are you waiting for? Rob your piggy bank and bid for a house today! To bid you must face the desired house and use the command !bidhouse

Benefits of Houses
Houses are private buildings that can be rented by players. They are mostly found in the cities, but rentable buildings can be found anywhere in KroveraOT Server. Houses come in three forms: there are normal houses that are designed as resting places for single characters or perhaps for small groups of friends, shops in which players can build up a prospering business and even guildhalls in which whole guilds can find shelter! Buildings offer a variety of advantages to characters:
  • Protection
    Houses work as protection zones, so any character that is standing in the safety of a house is safe from any attacker. However, as with all other protection zones characters that are standing in houses do no regenerate hit points or mana. Moreover, only invited characters can enter a house, so your belongings are also safe from stealing.
  • Improved Recuperation
    In most houses you can put one or more beds in which characters of Premium players can sleep while being offline. Characters placed in a bed will restore one soul point for every 15 minutes they are sleeping. Furthermore, hit points and mana will also be restored as long as the food lasts which have been eaten before going to bed. However, this process takes longer than online mana and hit points generation. And this is not all - if your characters sleep in a bed, you also train their skills while they are asleep!
  • Improved Item Storage
    Characters can furnish their homes to their taste. Far from being simple decoration, containers such as chests or drawers can be used to store items. Also, unlike depot chests they do not have any item limit, so you can store infinite numbers of items in your house!
  • Prestige
    Let's not beat around the bush: a nice house will also increase your character's prestige with the community. After all, houses are in great demand, so if you have that nice 4-bed mansion with the cool garden, you can be sure many other players will envy you. What's more, you can safely display your hard-earned treasures in your house without having to fear that anybody can steal your stuff. You will find that if you want to impress others, few things will work better than a nice house!
Getting Houses
So you have made up your mind to find a house for your character? There are 2 different ways to acquire houses in Tibia: you can bid one at an auction (!bidhouse), or you can buy one from another character. Make sure you have saved up a bit, because getting a house is often quite costly!
Also, keep in mind that there are restrictions: only Premium players can rent or bid for houses, and they cannot rent more than three houses per player (the required level increases with each house). In addition to this limit, guild leaders can rent one guildhall. Needless to say, guildhalls can only be rented by guild leaders. We also have houses on Dawnport or Rookgaard.

a) House Auctions
Houses that are currently uninhabited are auctioned on the game (you should face the door and do the command !bidhouse) or in the houses section of the Cyclopedia ingame (under construction). You will find a detailed list of all houses that are available on all worlds there.
  • Buying Houses:
    - To place a bid, just stand in front of the door of the desired house and use the command !bidhouse. You can check the list of available houses here.
    - From the first bid, the 2 day count will begin, after the 2th day (on server save) the house will be transferred to the player who made the highest bid.
    - The player can have up to 3 houses.
    - The minimum level to buy the 1st house is 300, the 2nd house 400 and the 3rd 500.
Please note: If player do not log in for 29 days, the player will lose his house on the next server save.

  • Selling Houses:
    If you would like to sell your house, you must use the command !sellhouse + name of player that you are selling.
    Remember to remove your items as they will remain in the house after the sale.

c) Moving Out
  • Moving out:
    If you would like to sell your house, you must use the command !leavehouse

  • Once you have moved out, you are free to buy new houses. Moreover, any items left in your old house will be moved automatically to your depot's inbox.

a) Rent
In addition to any one-time payment that is necessary to get a house, characters must pay a monthly rent for their houses. Rents can vary greatly depending on the size, location and furnishing of a house. Since landlords are suspicious people the rent must always be paid in advance. The money is automatically debited from the character's bank account. If it does not contain enough bank money when the rent is due, the owner of the house will receive a warning letter in the inbox for one week (starting at the day on which the rent is due). If the rent is not paid during this week, the character will be evicted from the house and all belongings in the house will be moved into the inbox of the character. Note, however, that large pieces of furniture that do not fit in a backpack will stay in the house.

b) House Rights
Ownership of a house confers a number of special rights to characters. They can invite other characters, appoint them sub-owners who can also invite others, or kick out unwanted visitors from their home. Editing of house rights is handled in way that is similar to casting spells, i.e. owners can use special "house spells" while standing in their houses which will allow them to edit house rights. In the following you will find a list of all house spells:
  • Edit Guest List: "Aleta Sio"
    Using this spell owners and sub-owners on Premium accounts can edit a list of all characters that are invited to their house. Simply enter the name of any character you would like to invite, making sure only one name is entered per line. To un-invite characters simply erase their names.
  • Edit Sub-Owners: "Aleta Som"
    Similar to the list of invited characters, owners can appoint sub-owners by editing this list. Not only are sub-owners invited to houses, they are also entitled to invite or uninvite other characters to it themselves. Also, sub-owners can kick characters if they wish to do so.
  • Kick Character: "Alana Sio"
    If this spell is pronounced along with the name of a character, this character will be kicked out of the house. Owners and sub-owners can use this spell, but characters can also kick themselves if they wish to.
  • Edit Door Rights: "Aleta Grav"
    This spell allows owners to edit door rights of houses, i.e. they can determine which characters may open or close front or interior doors. This way they can create private spaces within buildings, which is particularly handy in big houses such as guildhalls. To edit door rights the owner must be placed in front of a door and pronounce the "Aleta grav" spell. Of course, the owner of a house always has access to any room beside the characters listed for a door.
There are a number of abbreviations to assist owners in editing lists of rights. Thus, an asterisk (*) can replace a longer string of letters, while a question mark (?) represents a single letter. Furthermore, guild leaders can use special patterns to mark all guildmembers (*@guildname) or even to specify members of a certain rank ([email protected]).
If an exclamation mark (!) is placed at the beginning of a line, all matching characters are excluded. Lines starting with a hash (#), on the other hand, are considered to be comments, so they have no effect.
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