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Reward System

The System

In the update 10.20 the reward system was implemented, in it, all players who participated actively fighting bosses receive individual loot from the creature. The definition of the degree of participation and activity in combat is done by the game system.

Unlike common creature loots, boss loots are now stored in the Reward Container, special container that appears on the body of the boss after its defeat. The contents found in the Reward Container may differ from one character to another and the container cannot be moved or picked up by other characters. When there is a reward for your character, a message will indicate when it was obtained and until when it becomes available.

Participation Level

There is a formula for accounting for participation points, which has several factors that are considered, such as:
  • Deal damage to the creature
  • Take damage from the creature
  • Trap the creature (with own body, magic wall or wild growth)
  • Heal participating players
  • Fight participation time

After the creature is killed, the creature's items are divided among the players depending on the level of participation and the rarity of the items in the loot. Perhaps the table below will help to understand.
Constitution of the Loot Punctuation Level
Common Items 10~40pts 1
All items from above + Semi Rare Items 40~60pts 2
All items from above + Rare Items 60~80pts 3
All items from above + Very Rare Items 80~95pts 4
All items from above + Items that always drops 96~100pts 5

Questions and Answers

Q: What is considered an active participation in a fight?
A: Active part means you either deal damage, or you block and thereby receive damage, or you support other members of the fighting team with healing, for example.

Q: How does the participation system work?
A: The more you participate in the fight (dealing damage, receiving damage, healing other players) the higher your individual participation will be.

Q: Do we have to be in a "party" to activate the new reward system?
A: No, the system automatically notices if you participated in the fight or not.

Q: What happens after seven days if I did not take my loot out of the reward chest?
A: If you have not taken your loot after seven days, the loot will disappear.

Q: Can I store other items in the reward chest?
A: No. You can only take your loot out of the chest.

Q: What happens with rare items like Ferumbras' hat?
A: Items with a 100% drop chance, such as Ferumbras' hat, will only drop once and will be awarded to one player with a sufficient participation. Other rare items, such as a great shield, will stay rare and there will only be a chance that it will be dropped but no guarantee. Please note, that we will not reveal more details since it depends on the loot and the boss.

Q: Is there a guarantee that everyone who participated in the fight will be rewarded?
A: No, but the more you took part in the fight, the better is your chance of a reward. That means as well, the more you took part in the fight, the better your reward will be.

Customized NPCs

  • Legendary Merchant
  • There's a Legendary Merchant in each of the main cities of KroveraOT Server - they are located close to the DP - normally beside or in front of it. The Legendary Merchant in Thais, for example, is located to the east of the DP (ground floor) in the attached library. ALL the Legendary Merchants sell all the necessary potions and runes for PvP and hunting. Also, they buy most of creature drops (as though they were Rashid and the Djinn's at the same time).

  • Jess Miner
  • She is located on the ground floor of the Thais Depot, she trades a variety of things in exchange for bars of gold.

  • Roberto, The Collector
  • Scientist and collector of valuables, he is located one floor below the Thais Depot, and is currently collecting Titanium Tokens to get your secret project going.


    Some examples of advantages that you have since you create your character are:
  • Free access to Yalahar
  • Free access to Farmine
  • Free access to the Magic Carpets

  • Free access to Vengoth
  • Free access to Goroma and the Forbidden Islands
  • Free access to Zao
  • The Wrath Emperor starts from mission 10
    And many others!
  • Boss Arena

    The Bosses Arena is normally used for raids and events organized by the server administration. For example, when the administration announces the day and time of an appearance on the website, the boss will appear inside the Arena (in the middle of it).

    Right at the top of the Arena, next to the teleport, players will be able to cross each other to avoid traps.

    Note: Not all events and raids will take place there, the administration has the habit of always informing the location (default, Arena, etc) on the website.

    Castle War
    Current Castle Owners


    Did More Exp Today
    1. Putifero Bo~ +14494148 Lvl. 559
    2. Guaraviton ~ +13102094 Lvl. 411
    3. Csl +12525463 Lvl. 672
    4. Droga Eoluan +12525463 Lvl. 606