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All Server Commands

!restart If your client is heavy, this command restarts the connection and comes back as if it was just opened (fixed FPS).
!walltime on/off Enables/disables wall timing (magic wall and wild growth).
!print Take a screenshot of the game and save it into the client folder in the "screenshots" directory
!market Trading items for other items or coins, mais detalhes aqui.
!bazaar Trade characters for coins, more details here.
!deathlist nick Check the characters death list.
!loyalty Check the amount of loyalty points, show/hide the loyalty title when looking at the character, etc.
!concoction Check the potion concoctions that are active and the time remaining.
!taints Check the curses (soul war) active on the character.
!skin name Adapted command to change the (visual) skin of your Summon Familiar (for versions like Mobile)
!barofgold on/off Enables or disables gaining Bars of Gold every hour.
!tournament Check the amount of tournament coins your account has.
!vip Check your accounts remaining VIP time (if theres any).
!flag Change your account flag (used to be answered by AutoHelp according to your country).
!boosted Check which creature is currently boosted.
!bestiary Command adapted to interact with the bestiary system (for versions like Mobile).
!bosstiary Command adapted to interact with the bosstiary system (for versions like Mobile).
!expboost Check the remaining EXP Boost time.
!party Check the minimum and maximum level that your character can share in "Party Shared".
!war Opens a command window with War options.
!citywar Opens a command window with Private War options.
!flasks Prevents empty flasks from being created inside your backpack after using a potion.
!quickloot help Configure categories and containers to use in quickloot (old versions only).
!kroveraloot on/off Get loots without having to open bodies.
!hunted Offer reward for your opponents death, more details here.
!pk Check the time left for your PK to exit.
!frags Checks the amount of unjustified frags your character has.
!guild Opens a shell with several options for guilds.
!daily Adapted command to open the daily reward window even away from the Daily Reward Shrine.
!bidchar Command to bid characters.
!bidhouse Command to bid houses (needs to be facing the door).
!leavehouse Command to leave your home.
!sellhouse Command to sell your home.
!serverinfo Command to check some important server informations.
!online Command to check the number of players online.
!softboots Command to repair soft boot (it is more expensive than going to NPC).
!uptime Command to verify the server uptime since the last server save.
!guild outfit This command makes all guild members wear the same outfit as the leader (the command can only be used by leaders).
!cast Broadcast your gamplay to public or private (if you enter password), more details here.
!emotespells Make the letters of your spells have orange letters, eventually used to avoid pollution on your screen.
!spells Check all the spells available for your character at the moment.
!yasir Check where Yasir is located.
!furygate Check where the Fury Gate is located.
!yielothax Check the amount of Yielothax killed.
!exchange_exercises Swap your exercises for others (they need to be in your store inbox). It costs 50k to run the command.
!voucher Claim bonuses (vouchers).
!dust Check the amount of dust.
/twitch name Command used to promote a Twitch channel on all players' screens, and can only be used by our live partners.
/mute nick, hours Command to mute (maximum 24h) a player, used by Tutors and GameMasters.
/unmute nick Command to unmute a player, used by Tutors and GameMasters.
/addtutor nick Command to add Tutor, used by Tutores e GameMasters.
/removetutor nick Command to remove Tutor, used by Tutores e GameMasters.
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