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Cams System


👉 With our spectacular Cam System (recordings), everyone will be able to review their best and worst moves, observe every detail in slow motion, fast forward and rewind the recording and much more!
👉 All gameplay will be automatically recorded as soon as they log in to the game.


✅ The player will be able to expose his play publicly if he wishes (see how below).
✅ Some commands (forward/back/goto/ctrl+arrows) are available and shown in the game as soon as you run a Cam.
✅ For the Cam appear here on the page, the player will need to leave the game and wait a few minutes to share their Cam publicly (if they want it to be public).
✅ Each character can have a maximum of 5 recordings.
✅ Recordings will be deleted after 3 days.

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Public Cams

Player Date Password
Todidau Puro 2023-05-02 09:28:25 Login: !cam132 Pass: f1773e
Todidau Puro 2023-05-02 09:03:49 Login: !cam132 Pass: b1634d
Roletex 2023-05-02 03:04:54 Login: !cam1974 Pass: 4a326a
Roletex 2023-05-02 02:09:03 Login: !cam1974 Pass: de9289

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