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A Piece of Cake Event
Defeat the Cake Golems and use the bodies of your conquered enemies to build a bridge to a legendary island reachable only a few times a year.
The event is automatic and occurs in the months: January, May, July, September and December.. It will start every day 01, of each month quoted, duration up to 3 days to be completed.
When you log in, a message will appear on the server log saying the event is active.
There will be invasion of Cake Golems every 01h until the bridge is built.
A global message will appear when the bridge is built (if they complete the previous step), after which the mission will be to eat the entire cake layer within 30 minutes, otherwise the layer is reset and must be eaten again.
Each player can eat approximately 5 times until full (like regular food), and it will take approximately 20 minutes to be completely empty.
REWARD: Beyond Achievements "Cake Conqueror" and "I Did My Part", the entire server will get 10% more experience for 3 days and will be visited by the NPC Brutus The Baker where the player can ask for reward and receive one of the items: Cake Cabinet, Cake Backpack, Cake Tapestry and one of the three cakes: Blueberry Cupcake , Strawberry Cupcake or Lemon Cupcake
Castle War
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Did More Exp Today
1. Doni Fvckin~ +7546735~ Lvl. 401
2. Buy War +7427124~ Lvl. 399
3. Jotta Ka +5176931~ Lvl. 541
4. Siozao +4915478~ Lvl. 485