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Witch Hat.gif What is boiling in that cauldron? Good witches need your help to avoid the wrath of evil spirits with a powerful concoction. Help them by collecting exotic ingredients needed for the mix and protect your bubbling cauldron from the forces of destruction.


The event is automatic and starts on day 01 and ends on day 05 of the months March, July and November.

The purpose of this World Quest is to gather ingredients and help good witches to make a great mixture to prevent evil forces from terrorizing the land. The white message saying "The witches of the green claw swamp need your help to protect the world from the bane-bringers." will appear on the player's screen indicating that the event has officially started. Every 8 hours the message saying "The swamp witches need new reagents for their brew!" will appear throughout the KroveraOT Server warning that more ingredients for the mix are needed. You should go to Green Claw Swamp, right next to the path which goes from Venore to Dwarf Bridge/Thais there is a hole that leads to the world quest location, under NPC Wyda, . Go down two floors and up the first hole to the north. So just follow the photo below to get to the event staircase.

Going down some stairs you will find the NPC Minzy. Next to it, there will be a list of all the ingredients used in the quest.

Using the Ingredients

  • Going down the other stairs, you will be at the Bane Bringers, going a little north will find the cauldron. On the left and right side of the cauldron, the "ingredient of the moment" is displayed. Note that 200 ingredients will always be ordered. To use the ingredients it is necessary to click on the cauldron first and then on the ingredient.
  • When the required number of ingredients for that round is reached, you will not be able to use any more ingredients and the following message will appear: There are no more ingredients needed for now.
  • Now you can see how much time is left to order the next ingredient in the Witch's Clock that are next to the cauldron.

Achievement.gif Using at least one item, you will earn the achievement "Witches Lil' Helper".

Achievement.gif If it's your first World Quest, you'll earn the achievement "I Did My Part".
Achievement.gif By using 50 items in the cauldron, you will earn the achievement "Banebringers' Bane".
Achievement.gif By using 500 items in the cauldron, you will earn the achievement "Honorary Witch".

Achievement.gif When you accumulate 750 Favour Points, you will earn the achievement "Bewitcher".

Combat and the bonfire

At the same time the ingredients are ordered, the creatures Bane Bringers and Bane Lords will spawn in large numbers below the stairs to the south (Respawns at random times will also happen). These creatures when killed drop an item called Dry Piece of Wood that you can use on the cauldron bonfire.

Woods have no effect on the success of the event and it is not mandatory to use, but when using 1 Dry Piece of Wood, you will earn 1 favor point.

Achievement.gif Using 1 Dry Piece of Wood, you will win the achievement "Fire Lighter".

Achievement.gif Using 100 Dry Pieces of Wood, you will win the achievement "Fire Devil".

Achievement.gif Using 500 Dry Pieces of Wood, you will win the achievement "Pyromaniac".

Bonfire area and achievement obtained.

Winning or Failing Messages

On the 6th day, after the Server Save, one of the two messages depending on how the server did in the event:

  • If players managed to throw all the ingredients until time runs out, a message will appear saying "Rejoice, the bane bringers are repelled for a year! Enjoy increased Exp and reduced death penalty until the 10th." and your server will be rewarded with experience increased by 50% until the 10th.
  • If players have not managed to throw all the ingredients until the time runs out, a message will appear saying "The curse of bane-bringer has come over Tibia. Prepare for dire times!" indicating that your server failed the event.


When you use the items in the cauldron, you will earn some favor points with Minzy. Each ingredient you use will earn you favor points that can be exchanged for potions. To get her help, you should say job - ingredients - favour - trade.

Favor points earned with each ingredient: Item value in points:
Items Favour points Potions avour points
Adding a dry piece of wood in the fire 1 Mana Potion 5
Goblin Ear 5 Strong Mana Potion 8
Lump of Dirt 5 Great Mana Potion 12
Spider Fangs 5 Ultimate Mana Potion 37
Bat Wing 10 Health Potion 5
Centipede Leg 10 Strong Health Potion 10
Marsh Stalker Beak 10 Great Health Potion 19
Scorpion Tail 10 Ultimate Health Potion 31
Lancet 15 Supreme Health Potion 51
Minotaur Horn 15 Great Spirit Potion 19
Small Flask of Eyedrops 15 Ultimate Spirit Potion 35
Sulphurous Stone 15 Grey Raven Kit 1000
Tarantula Egg 15 White Raven Kit 1000
- - Black Raven Kit 1000
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