Boosted Creatures
Bars of Gold
How to Get Bar of Gold?

1. Stay Online

  • The player receives x5 bar of gold every 1h online (VIPs receives x10).
  • Players do not receive bars of gold if they are exited.

    2. Participating in PvP Events

  • The player receives a certain amount by winning PvP events (battlefield, capture the flag)

    3. Being Drawn

  • The player receives a certain amount by being drawn in the Lottery System

    4. Active Guilds

  • Guild members receive 200 bar of golds (x1 player per IP) through command !guild guildpoints (it is necessary to have at least 15 members with different IPs and members of level 300+, you can use the command every 22h)

    5. Looting

  • The player has the possibility to drop bar of golds by defeating one of the following monsters:

  • What to do with the Bar of Golds?

    1. Negotiate

  • The player can trade bar of golds on the market, with players or trade with the npc Jess Miner.
  • Castle War
    Current Castle Owners


    Did More Exp Today
    1. Doni Fvckin~ +7546735~ Lvl. 401
    2. Buy War +7427124~ Lvl. 399
    3. Jotta Ka +5176931~ Lvl. 541
    4. Siozao +3908633~ Lvl. 477