Boosted Creatures
Aniversary Event
The event is automatic and takes place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of February, May and September!

Ambrosia Buffet and Painting Booth

In each capital, each character can "eat" once every 24 hours from a ambrosia buffet, which entitles you to Theons, carpets, and other decorative items in return. To eat from the buffet, just click "Use" on the table.

Also in each capital, a photographic mural made it possible to make a portrait that can be hung on the wall as an eternal reminder of the festivities. This can be repeated every every 20 hours.
To be able to make the portrait you must have 5 gps in your backpack and press "Use" on Painter to have it do the painting.

Lucky Dragon

North of Thais, south of Carlin and southwest of Edron, amusement parks have been set up where VIP players can cheer on a newborn dragon in party mood to win special prizes every every 20 hours .
To participate, you must be a VIP player and enter the teleport located in one of the above parks (thais, edron or carlin) and hope that the Lucky Dragon lands on the carpet you want!

Lucky Dragon in Carlin.
Lucky Dragon in Edron.
Lucky Dragon in Thais.

Piñata Dragon + Bonus de Experiência

During the event, it will be possible to drop Old Rag. When 30 Old Rags are fed to the Sewing Table in Thais, the Piñata Dragons will appear for an hour at various points around Thais, in addition to giving an experience bonus 15% for the entire server.

Vigintia Island

Vigintia Island is a small island located north of Quirefang. It is a special island that was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tibia.
It is possible to find 3 NPCs: Kendra, responsible for the transport out of the island; Lora, responsible for giving gifts to players; Vigintius, responsible for some scavenger hunts on the island, such as "drop the cans" and "hunt the treasure".
In the east part of the island, you can cross a bridge that takes the character to Nostalgia Island .

Quais Recompensas Posso Obter?

The player will be able to obtain various items such as Wind-Up Key, various decorative items and 15% experience for the entire server!

Castle War
Current Castle Owners


Did More Exp Today
1. Doni Fvckin~ +7546735~ Lvl. 401
2. Buy War +7427124~ Lvl. 399
3. Jotta Ka +5176931~ Lvl. 541
4. Fazinha +3670799~ Lvl. 687