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  • Having trouble installing the Launcher? Download the client directly from the website (without the launcher you will always need to keep an eye on the client updates here on this page), extract and open it via bin/krovera_start.exe.
    Last update on: 03/27 18:32:21.
  • In some cases, the launcher is automatically installed in a directory where it needs administrator privileges to use it, and consequently the launcher cannot change files if it is not opened as "administrator", to solve this problem it is very simple, close the launcher, copy the entire launcher folder and move it to some directory that doesn't need administrator privileges, for example the "my documents" folder or even move it to your desktop.


  • Did you open the client and get a white/black screen? Don't worry, just change the conf\clientoptions.json file. Open the file and look for "rendererIndex", replace the value between 0 and 3, save and open the client until it works on your computer. This file is responsible for the graphics options.
  • Can't see ping on alt+F8? Sometimes shortcuts are used by other system tools, so just change alt+F8 in options (options -> hotkeys -> UI: Show/hide FPS/lag indicator) to another shortcut of your choice.


  • To install the full minimap on your computer, just close the client and replace the minimap folder.

    Doubts? Please contact us.

  • Castle War
    Current Castle Owners


    Did More Exp Today
    1. Doni Fvckin~ +7546735~ Lvl. 401
    2. Buy War +7427124~ Lvl. 399
    3. Jotta Ka +5176931~ Lvl. 541
    4. Siozao +4915478~ Lvl. 485